The Good Son: The Perfect Date Spot on Queen West


Sidewalk Hustle dropped by The Good Son on Sunday night for a warm, delicious dinner, perfect for a chilly date night. If you haven’t heard of The Good Son yet, it may be due to the fact that the restaurant has only been open for 4 months, but is quickly gaining popularity in the Parkdale neighbourhood in which it’s situated. The fact that the owner and executive chef is Vittorio Colacitti (of past Top Chef Canada fame) doesn’t hurt the restaurant’s reputation one bit; and what a reputation it has.

Thus far, customers are raving about The Good Son’s warm inviting decor, fantastic menu, and service that is just as impressive as the food. A romantic yet comfy place, filled with antique curiosities adorning the walls and a mismatched-yet-functionally-artistic mix of oddball tables and chairs, The Good Son makes for a fantastic date spot. From the food to the amazing service to the tastefully cluttered decor, there’s always something to discuss. Read on to see what Sidewalk Hustle thought of this past Sunday’s food and fare.


The moment you walk in, you’re greeted with a tiny curio-shop filled with oils, spices, and other beautiful kitchen knick knacks that you can actually purchase. This is also where reservations are taken, and where the hosts and hostesses greet you with a cool intro. The vibe is kitschy, but done extremely well. One wall is decorated framed vintage photos and a chalk board with a message that we assume changes daily.


Once you walk inside the main space, the walls of the open restaurant are adorned with clocks, books, random shelving and a variety of lighting. Deep leather banquette seating lines the sides of the restaurant while unorthodox blends of wooden tables and metal chairs are situated in the middle.


We had the privilege of eating at the long family-style harvest table in the back, right in front of the open kitchen. From here you can feel the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, and we also had many opportunities to chat with Chef Vittorio as he expedited menu items. Staff interaction was friendly and easy-going, and sitting near all the action was definitely fun.


What’s a date without some cocktails? On the left- The Apple Buttered Rum cocktail (hot, creamy and delicious- almost best served as a dessert item) and to the right- the deliciously juicy Tijuana Tangerine. Saying that this tasted like a sophisticated, grown up orange popsicle does not do this drink any justice. Bright, deliciously tangy and drool worthy- this cocktail is a must for citrus lovers.


The Lemongrass Shrimp. By far one of the most popular appetizers on The Good Son’s menu, and for good reason. Quite possibly some of the best shrimp we’ve ever had- crusted in a potato “ribbon” and fried to perfection, then set atop a bed of marinated mango and carrot slaw, this appetizer has so many rich flavours going on at once. Absolutely drool worthy.


Continuing with our seafood desires for the night- the Grilled Octopus. Grilled perfectly- no chewiness, just tender tendrils of octopus, served with watercress and pesto basil oil and pepper pastes as well as perfectly charred fingerling potatoes.


Above, a side of fries. We’re not sure what type of oil these golden nuggets were fried in, but they tasted divine. Seriously, some fantastic fries. The malt mayo dip was just perfect- no need for vinegar or ketchup here.


For the main course, we opted for the Wild Mushroom Pizza. The crust was extremely thin, with a saltiness that matched the richness of the king oyster mushrooms and talleggio cheese perfectly. Add a sprinkle of their chilli oil, and the slice is just incredible. The Good Son is generous with their toppings too, something we find to be an issue at some trendy pizza joints in the city. We’re not sure if it’s taboo to mention, but we found the pizza even more delicious the next day! (the portion was so large, we had leftovers to happily take home.)


With a suggestion from the Chef himself, we opted for some gelato to end the night. On the left- pistachio, on the right- apple raspberry. They were both delicious; the apple raspberry was very light, extremely tasty with the natural flavours of fruit. The pistachio was our favourite, and easily (hands down) the best pistachio gelato we have ever tried. Perhaps it was the light dusting of salt on top, but the nuttiness, creaminess and perfect sweetness to this gelato was extremely impressive and complex on the tongue (complex, in a great way of course).

We highly recommend spending a few hours at The Good Son, especially if you’re out on a date or catching up with good friends. Not a place to simply just eat and leave, you’ll want to stay for a few hours here- simply taking in the decor alone will take some time. Enjoy your meal, chat with the friendly staff, and make sure to thank Chef Vittorio for an incredible experience before you leave; we did, and know for a fact that we will be back to do it all again.

The Good Son: 1096 Queen St. West