The Foals “Miami”

When the Foals debut album Antidotes came out in 2008 it revolutionized my life! “Olympic Airways” was so sublimely beautiful I wanted to cry from how awesome it was. Even today when I put that song on I get goosebumps. The Foals sophomore album, Total Life Forever, picks up where Antidotes left off with the boys perfecting their sound. Gone is the raw and somewhat shaky feel of the first album, replaced with a certainty that both great improves the sound and demonstrates that the Foals are a band to be reckoned with.

Here is the second video from Total Life Forever, titled “Miami” and is a hilarious video that ends with an all-out brawl between bodybuilders, prostitutes and gang members(?). Also, can you hear that? Is it Peter Gabriel or Talking Heads they’re channeling in this song?