New Music: The Drums

Not sure why we waited so long to wax poetic about how much we love The Drums, but here goes. These Brooklyn synth poppers are riding a similar wave as one of our local fav’s Bishop Morocco but in a more strategic way, indicative in part through their decision to exclude their early hits “Submarine” and “I Felt Stupid” on their latest self titled album.


Made up of Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham of the defunct Goat Explosion and a few new others, The Drums first full length album is chocked full of chilled out pop anthems that draw parallels to their elders New Order and Morrissey.


They’ll be in Toronto this weekend so be sure to check them out at MTV Live on friday, at the free Soundscapes in store or catch the full set later on at Mod Club on Saturday.


Check out the video for “Let’s Go Surfing” below where the band members go for a group run. Love it.