The Best of +J Fall/Winter 2014

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If there were a way to say, “frickin’ killing it” with collaborations, this UNIQLO and Jill Sander collaboration would be it. Reviving the UNIQLO+J collaboration for this fall, we’re excited to see what these two brand powerhouses have come up with.

With a title like “The Best of +J” you know that they’re bringing their A-game with this collection. With the classic utilitarian and minimalist feel of UNIQLO combined with the detailing of Jill Sander, this collaboration is taking over our “want” list. Featuring button-downs, puffer jackets, and perfectly tailored pieces, this fall winter 2014 collection has us drooling over this set. Get your wallets ready, “The Best of +J” is set to hit stores on October 10 and it won’t last long!

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