The Artist Project Toronto


The Artist Project is here once again, gracing Toronto with incredible amounts of impressive art. Canadian artists (most residing in Ontario and Quebec) adorned blank white walls with their masterful paintings, illustrations and sculptures. We spent a good 2 hours walking the massive art exhibit, held at the Better Living Centre in downtown Toronto. On opening night, drinks were served, hor d’oeuvres were eaten, and floods of friends, family and media perused the talent. See below for some of our favourite pieces of art.



Eric Robitaille tells his story featuring beautiful, brightly painted owls.



Claire Desjardins produces fantastic abstract art that is full of emotion and personality.



Dara Vandor showcases her superhuman skills in recreating hyper-realistic lingerie with the use of ink pens. Seriously mesmerizing, her work needs to be seen up close and personal in order to get the full impressive effect.



Ramona Nordal takes the beauty of women to a whole other level. Her acrylics and mixed media artwork are large, gorgeous, and sensual.



Gosia sculpture’s display was minimalistic but effective. Her nymph-like sculptures almost glow with life.



Lauren Blakely’s ceramic sculptures are incredibly tempting to touch. Choosing to recreate patterns and textures found in nature, Lauren’s work brings life to any room.

The Artist Project runs from February 20 to 22, 2015 at the Better Living Centre (Exhibition Place).

Tickets can be purchased here.