The Art of Game Development in 2021

More people are playing games than ever before. Whether they are playing a game on the bus going to work or relaxing in the evening at home, more people are turning to technology as their source of entertainment. This means that game development is having to happen quicker than in the past and new trends are emerging to suit the gaming audience. Let’s start a look at game development and what it is going to look like in 2021.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Popular Gaming Genres

Around the world, there are around 2.69 billion players of video games. Of course, everyone has their favorite gaming genre and they tend to play the same types of games. But, what are the most popular categories?

There are quite a few categories to consider. For example, a lot of people like to play action games. This is exciting and it can be a challenge for reflexes. Then there are sports games. People all around the world love to watch and play sports. So, it is natural that this interest would transcend into gaming. In particular, games that feature the NBA, FIFA and NFL are favorite titles.

You also have to consider adventure games. People like to escape to another world and follow a storyline. This is something that is provided with adventure games, such as The Legend of Zelda. Role-playing games are popular too, as well as battle royale games. In addition, more people are enjoying online casino games at websites like ManySpins as a typical example.

Gaming Trends in 2021

One trend we see right now and continuing into 2021 is mobile gaming. With the advancement of smartphones, more people enjoy playing games on their devices. This is particularly true for people that are traveling and on the go. It is a way to have fun and pass the time. This is something that developers need to keep in mind when they are creating new games. Having a suitable mobile version will be beneficial.

It is likely that we will see games developed in 2021 using virtual reality and augmented reality. These are two trends that are taking off and can provide an immersive gaming experience for a range of age groups. In particular, people have more money to spend on gaming and purchasing this equipment will be popular if it can deliver the fascinating world people want to escape to. Gamers want realistic experiences and this type of technology has the ability to put a player in the game.

Another trend that has to be taken into account with game development in 2021 is that more people want to be social. Sure, they want to stay at home and play. But, they want to be able to do this with their friends. A lot of people like multiplayer online games so that they can enjoy being part of a team. We already see this in some popular gaming titles, such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. It is likely to become a feature on new games too.