This year, TEDxToronto is setting up its annual event into parts, with part one happening on October 29 from 7PM to 9PM (EST), online. The volunteer-run organization opted to take a more segmented approach, one that will still house critical ideas and discussions. Over the next five months, TEDxToronto will bring together a variety of speakers to talk from an ‘Uncharted’ perspective, as these are uncharted times. Instead of one big event to celebrate and appreciate a multitude of perspectives and stories, guests can take part in multiple two-hour sessions throughout the coming months.

Participants will be able to partake in virtual conversations from the Digital Event Series, connecting directly with others to share and learn together. The bigger question the organizers want us to think about is: How can we see the larger picture, find sources of hope and realize the power each of us has to chart a better course?

The first event is promised not to be a Zoom-style event. Instead, it will be hosted on TEDxToronto’s cutting-edge live event platform, which we’re anticipating will be reflective again of these uncharted times.

Speakers for Part 1 (Understanding Where We Are):

Hamza Haq (Actor)

Quick bit: Haq is one of the actors on the Canadian series, Transplant, where he plays a Syrian doctor starting a new life in Canada. Haq moved from Pakistan to Canada via Saudi Arabia, and speaks to and from an immigrant perspective.

Sara Mojtehedzadeh (Journalist)

Quick bit: Mojtehedzadeh is the Toronto Star’s Work and Wealth reporter, covering stories around workplace, including topics like the gig economy and labour rights.

Ran Goel (Founder, Fresh City Farms)

Quick bit: Goel is a former Wall street investment lawyer who changed course and opened Fresh City Farms in 2011. Fresh City Farms delivers farm fresh produce and meals to grocery stores and home doorsteps across Toronto and the GTA. They also deliver beer and baked goods, in case you’re interested.

Jimmy Ba (AI Expert)

Quick bit: Ba works at the University of Toronto and Vector Institute. He developed the Adam Optimizer, which is an algorithm used to train AI models. His interests and studies focus much on the human mind.

Frances Donald (Global Chief Economist)

Quick bit: Donald is the Global Chief Economist at Manulife, and provides Canadians with a bigger picture perspective rooted in trends, data and finance.

The upcoming ‘Uncharted’ events are as follows:

November 26 

7PM – 9PM (EST)


February 4 

7PM – 9PM (EST)

March 4

7PM – 9PM (EST)

More about TEDxToronto and the ‘Uncharted’ series can be found here.