Tech: Sony SRS-X11

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Sony’s SRS-X11 cube speakers prove that size doesn’t matter. The sonic company was always bent on clients receiving the best sound quality from their products but now convenience is more of a factor.

The extremely portable speakers are small enough to fit in your palm weighing in at 215 grams and are easy to transport. They are available in 5 colours to suit several aesthetics. The bluetooth speakers also offer auxiliary input option with a 3.5mm jack. This is great for classic iPod wielders with a dedicated cable. However for those with NFC enabled phones and tablets they can skip the bluetooth pairing process and just tap their device to the speakers for immediate pairing.

Gone are the days when you have to search for your phone to take a call when paired to bluetooth speakers. The SRS-X11s feature a dedicated ‘telephone’ button and allow you to use the speakers as a mouthpiece when connected to your phone. The sound was clear when testing for both the caller and the person on the other line, but just make sure you’re within 20-30ft of your phone to try this out.

Playback is great on the SRS-X11s and there is no major difference in quality between using the AUX or bluetooth options for listening. While the sound quality is high and crisp there is a little bit of muffling to the overall sound that very sensitive listeners will notice which could be due to the size or shape of the speakers.

The coolest part is that two of the cube speakers can easily pair together to create stereo sound. One speaker can be the ‘left’ and the other can be the ‘right’ for optimal listening by just pushing a button on the top of the cubes. For those without the space (or funds) for a high-quality sound bar but who also want speakers with loud capabilities, these are a great option. And with a 12-15 hour battery life (and easy charging via micro USB) these speakers are great for listening on the go in summer while camping or at the beach.

Take a closer look at the Sony SRS-X11s below.

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