Tech Review: V-MODA XS

Review: V-MODA XS cover image

Play your favourite song on a pair of V-MODA XS’s and you’ll fee like you’re really hearing it for the first time. Following the successful release of the Crossfade M-80, V-Moda designed and released what seems to be a smaller version of the space-age looking headphones. However, they did more than shrink the older version by improving the treble-quality and fit.

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Available in grey & white and black & orange, the sleek look of the V-MODA XS’s come with interchangeable and customizable faceplates in additional colours. No need to mind the gap. Through their signature Erginomix technology they adjust to almost completely close the gap between the headband and the head of the user for a closer and more intimate fit. In doing this it removes the downside of most isolating headphones that deliver quality sound: bulk. The hinged headband locks the ear-cups in place for easy storage in the almost miniature hard Exoskeleton carrying case. The interchangeable cord is Kevlar enforced with a mic that is compatible with Apple devices.  With only one button there is no volume control but users can end a call or use Siri hands-free.

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The V-MODA XS’s deliver quality sound notably picking up extremely low frequencies.  So FKA Twigs and Rae Sremmurd fans will hear every production detail but avid classical music fans may want to look elsewhere. Although improved from other models treble in higher frequencies like a violin still crackles with a bit of distortion that would only really be picked up by sound professionals or picky listeners.

These headphones’ compact size are perfect for travelling and listening to music on your phone but the sound quality they deliver are also up to par for in-studio and video editing. Check out the V-MODA XS’s in action below.