Beautiful, simple, useful, Tile is the key chain that lets you track anything, anywhere, and proves that the future has arrived. Their value proposition can be summed up simply as “lo-jack for everything”. The best part is they only cost $25 each or $80 for a set of four.

To use Tile you pair the tracker with the Tile Mobile App, label what you’re tracking on the device, and then attach the device to whatever you need to track. Whenever you want to know where that thing is, just open the app and it will show on GPS. When you get close to the device you can ‘call’ it from you phone and a tiny speaker inside the tracker will sound off. This makes finding keys or your wallet incredible easy.

Tile is powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, meaning that it detects nearby Bluetooth signals (within 100ft of the object) and sends a signal out to Tile with GPS coordinates. The tracking device is powered by a CR2 battery that lasts more than a year without ever needing to be recharged. When the battery does run out Tile will exchange the old device for a new one through their reTile program for only $12.

The device is water resistant up to IP5 standards and is truly built to withstand whatever the world throws at it, not matter if it’s in your pocket or taped under the seat of your bicycle. Tile also allows you personalize your Tile device with custom designs that reflect your individual style.

Learn more about Tile here.