Taylor Morris SS15 Capsule Collection

Taylor Morris New Campaign Images (1)

We’ve seen a lot of our favorite figures wearing Taylor Morris shades and had to check them out ourselves. They’re a British eyewear brand founded in 2013 by Hugo Taylor and Charlie SS15Morris. You may know Hugo Taylor from the earlier seasons of the UK series Made In Chelsea. From Nicole Scherzinger to Poppy Delevingne, Taylor Morris sunglasses seem to be everywhere. We dig the classic elegance but also modern touch. Their SS15 Capsule Collection campaign was shot  in Namibia, highlighting the gorgeous frames against sandy landscapes.

You can grab Taylor Morris shades on their site (shout out to international shipping!) or at The Monocle Order in Brooklyn, NY. We hope they expand to some other physical locations in North America soon.


£130 Brunel C4 Front (www.taylormorris.com)

Saratoga Gold Leaf£150 Saratoga Gold Leaf C4 (www.taylormorris.com) Chelsea Cats Eye£170 Chelsea CatsEye C5 Front (www.taylormorris.com) Invidia£170 Invidia C1 Front (www.taylormorris.com) £170 Invidia C2 Front (www.taylormorris.com) £170 Invidia C3 Front (www.taylormorris.com) Roll Right£170 RollRight C5 (www.taylormorris.com) Front_ £170 RollRight C5 Side(www.taylormorris.com) £170 Rollright C6 Front (www.taylormorris.com)_ £170 Rollright C6 Side (www.taylormorris.com)_ £190 Rollright C7 Front(www.taylormorris.com) £190 Rollright C7 Side(www.taylormorris.com)