Video games, the ever popular multi-billion-dollar entertainment industry that’s so popular, professional eSport events are selling out stadiums. There’s no denying the popularity of gaming continuing to grow, so it just makes sense the player experience will just keep getting better and better.

Speaking of game play, when it comes to chill time is there anything better than sitting down on your sofa with the full intention of logging some serious, uninterrupted game time? Grabbing your favourite crunchy snack, a nice cold drink, and diving headfirst into that game. Whether you’re battling it out in MARIO Cart, or jumping into a Battle Royale in Fortnite, this time is your time. The only thing is, the mood just isn’t right.

You know what we’re saying? It’s either too dark (come on eyes) or too bright (the screen is washed out ugh) and it’s clearly messing with the zone. Every gamer knows there’s nothing more distracting than the wrong set up. Like come on, I’m trying to give it my all!

Thankfully the technology wizards over at Signify have us covered with the Philips Hue lighting system. Featuring tons of different light source options like super discreet strips that can be placed in unobtrusive areas, to sleekly designed light fixtures and lamps.

It’s technology designed to blend perfectly inside your home. With the Hue Play light bars you can backlight your TV or computer to really hook into your gameplay, or even sync up the effects from your computer screen to the lights to your game with Hue Sync to take things to the next level. Plus, with over 16 million colours to choose from, on the Philips Hue Play you can get the mood just right with just a couple swipes on your smart phone or via your voice if you have a smart home assistant like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Simply connect your Philips Hue Play with the Hue Bridge – the main control panel for all Hue products – and instantly transform your gaming world from dull to groundbreaking.

Now when you catch us online (our username is always SidewalkHustle ?) we’ll be in our zone chasing that high score. Join us and go full video game beast mode with the Philips Hue Play lighting available at, Best Buy or Canadian Tire among other retailers.

We’ll see you at the winner’s circle.

*This post was made possible by Signify, however opinions expressed are our own.