SXSW Day 2: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Disclosure, St. Lucia, Azari & III, & Calvin Love

Yeah Yeah Yeahs SXSW 2013

How’d our Wednesday go down? Let’s break it down. After some much needed rest we popped over to’s Hype Hotel to catch Surrey siblings Disclosure. Hearing them play “White Noise” live? We freaked. Almost freaked out just as much when they yelled into the crowd “DO YOU GUYS KNOW JESSIE WARE?” and started to play “Running”. Sigh.

Also at Hype Hotel was Calvin Love who as his name would suggest was lovely. Fuzzy fantastic lo-fi love songs.

We then headed over to the VH1 party at the W hotel because, hey, why not, right? Sliders were munched and flutes of champagne were downed while watching electro poppers St. Lucia. The prefect pre-meal before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Yes. You heard us. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Once full of bubbly we ran over to Stubbs to get our fill of NY art rock. And god damn. Did they ever satisfy. Karen O, now rocking some bleach blonde locks, took the stage in a personalized “KO” diamond studded leather jacket BECAUSE SHE’S KAREN O! We’re also pretty sure that the O in Karen O stands for “Oh my god she is a god!” We’re like… 90% sure. They ripped though all of the classic YYY jams from “Maps” to “Zero”, each one with more energy and power than the last. The real treat though was hearing their new single “Sacrilege” preformed live for the first time. While the album art for their upcoming record Mosquito is debatably terrible, their new music sounds so good.

Now how do you close up a night like that? With an Azari & III dance party. Duh. The Toronto babes killed their late night set, with everyone getting down. I haven’t been able to get “Reckless For Your Love” out of my head since.

Check out our photos of the night below and stay tuned for more!

Disclosure at SXSW 2013

Calvin Love SXSW 2013-2
Calvin Love at SXSW 2013
Calvin Love SXSW 2013
St Lucia VH1 Party SXSW 2013
St Lucia SXSW 2013
Yeah Yeah Yeahs at SXSW 2013-3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs at SXSW 2013-4
Yeah Yeah Yeahs SXSW 2013-2
Yeah Yeah Yeahs SXSW 2013-5
Yeah Yeah Yeahs SXSW 2013
Azari & III at SXSW 2013
Azari & III SXSW 2013