Keynote: Choice Pick #1

Elon Musk Keynote: The Frightening and Awful Future of Humanity

Keynote: Choice Pick #2

The Next Form of Storytelling: The Future of Technology-Enabled Entertainment

Keynote: Choice Pick #3

Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond of Beastie Boys with Amazon Music’s Nathan Brackett

Keynote: Choice Pick #4

Shirley Manson & Lauren Mayberry with Puja Patel

Keynote: Choice Pick #5

Convergence Keynote: Jessica Brillhart



Douglas Rushkoff: Team Human (top pick)

Blockchain Deathmatch: Permission-ed vs -less

Howard Schultz

Maria Shriver, Alexandra Socha and Farida Sohrabji with Ashley C. Ford

Hype or Reality? Sustainability in Fashion

7 Non-Obvious Trends Changing The Future In 2019

Foursquare + TechEthics: Creepy, Cool & In-Between

Worlds Collide: The Virtual World Influencing Modern Sport

The Evolution of the Overwatch League

Featured Session: 2019 Emerging Tech Trends Report

SXSW runs March 8 through to March 17 in Austin, Texas.

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