Brands, bands, tech, tacos, burning sun, messy rain, margaritas, guestlist, hour long lines, free beer, fun times, not sleep etc. etc. etc.  SXSW is it’s own world of a fest. It’s where URL & IRL come together, so last week I headed down to Austin & captured my SXSW adventures via some 35mm film. Check it out below.

sxsw Photo Essay 2015-1

Met PC Music mystery/energy drink spokesperson/art piece, QT. Said hey.

sxsw Photo Essay 2015-2

Girly gossiped with GFOTY and Spinee as they got ready for their PC Music x Boiler Room party, Dog Food. Love the leash accessories.

Big Sean sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-3jpg

Saw a Q&A with Big Sean at Roc Nation + Live Nation’s Raptor House. Heard him talk about meditation. Visualize your dreams.
Count your blessings on blessings on blessings.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-4

Ryan Hemsworth giving the commercial side of SXSW the side eye. Jk lol #sponsoredlife.
Note the Jaden Smith tweet T. On point.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-5

The stunning and cool Natalie Prass with her dearest Godzilla. She’ll sometimes sing to him onstage, in her words “Disney princess shit!”

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-6

Backstage after her Pitchfork showcase set, Lydia Ainsworth takes a small break to check her phone.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-7

Smart phone reflections.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-8

Caught future pop bad ass bb Shamir chilling at the Mohawk…

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-9

…proceeded to take dramatic photos of him posing with a stuffed bear downstairs, before his set.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-10

Went to a DIY show at a park. V chill.
Caught Mega Bog and Homeshake blowing grass, by which I mean that thing when you put a blade of grass between your thumbs and make sounds.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-11

HSY played some punishingly perfect sludge punk and then the cops shut the show down.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-12

Went to a random art party & ran into Hot Sugar. He was in town for his new film Hot Sugar’s Cold Worldscreening at SXSW film. Vibe.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-13

Local hardcore act Glue started a pit at the annual Bridge Show, late into the night.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-14

ILoveMakonnen stopped by the Portals showcase to perform with NYC collective Phantom Posse.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-15

He ran off to his next gig as it started to rain. Dat OVO though!

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-16

Portals held their showcase on a farm, but the show got moved inside due to all the rain.
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Small Wonder played in the living room. Cosy farm house party vibes.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-17

Lexington producer Ellie Herring took refuge in the kitchen.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-18

Here’s Heems having a time at the Migos show. If you haven’t checked out his new album Eat Pray Thug get to it already.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-19

When given the opportunity, you do not miss a Tanya Tagaq show. The intensity is spellbinding. The power is raw.
Everything is in the moment. Transfixing stuff.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-20

Bumped into Katie Crutchfield aka Waxahatchee, who we had seen slay at Cheer Up Charlies a couple nights earlier.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-21

Hung with Mexican Slang at the Buzz Records showcase, hanging in the back alley after their set.

sxsw 2015 Photo Essay-22

The week and festival came to a close up with HSY smashing up some gear.