Arguably one of the world’s biggest EDM supergroups Swedish House Mafia has partnered with the world’s biggest affordable furniture brand IKEA for a unique music-related home furnishing collection. The collection was designed to offer solutions for producing, performing and listening to music at home is titled OBEGRÄNSAD, which is Swedish for “unlimited.” The goal of the collection is to democratize music production at home and enable people to follow their passions and creativity.

If you squint real hard at the super dark above image, you can see the OBEGRÄNSAD desk, the centre piece of of the collection and the core solution for music creators. The desk is perfect for the at home studio. “Sound is everything in music, and we have added two speaker stands to the desk in order to bring the  speakers to the ear level. We have also added a pull-out shelf below the desktop. This functionality allows you to have a midi keyboard, for example, in easy reach, while maximising space on your desktop”, says Friso Wiersma, IKEA in-house designer.

The minimalistic designed OBEGRÄNSAD armchair is intended to represent the balance of form and function which is the central ethos to this collaboration. With adjustable straps designed to finetune the comfort level, the armchair creates a relaxing environment to enjoy your music experience at home. “Armchairs are a place to unwind, to reflect, to set oneself into the creative flow. OBEGRÄNSAD armchair manifests the importance of comfort”, says James Futcher, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden.

The most unexpected yet facinating from our point of view is the OBEGRÄNSAD record player. The super sleek and minimal record player is the first IKEA has released since 1973. The USB-powered turntable comes with a built-in pre-amplifier, RCA ports, needle and a replaceable cartridge but can also be coupled with IKEA’s ENEBY speaker.


The Swedish House Mafi IKEA OBEGRÄNSAD collection will officially launch in Fall 2022.