As we wrap up another week of physical distancing a staying at home, we find ourselves running out of things to do. After checking Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the sixth time in the last hour and convincing ourselves that we will learn that viral TikTok dance tomorrow, we now find ourselves staring blankly at our four walls. Well, don’t sweat it, because This week we reached out one of Canada’s most prized national treasures, rapper, radio host and music historian Shad. When not dropping instant classic albums or teaching us the history of hip hop for Netflix, he’s digging in the crates and curating sonic experiences. So naturally, we asked him to put a little something together to help us all feel some feels in these very unusual times.

Titled Super Romance, Shad describes the mix as “New Wave and 80s R&B (and adjacent and inspired). For late nights at the crib. Prom energy. I dedicate this playlist to Kim Fields.”

Hit play below now!


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