Summer weather and sunshine are finally here and we’re in the mood to take a road trip! Who’s with us!? Whether you’re headed up to cottage country or on a quick jaunt over to Niagara’s wine region, there are a few key essentials you’ll want to make sure to prepare. Before your start your engines to explore parts unknown, we’ve rounded up a handful of useful must-pack items including REACTINE®, because there’s really nothing worse than arriving at your destination and coming down with allergy symptoms, trust us, we’ve been there.

So before you head out be sure to check your local pollen forecast by following @ReactineCA on Twitter to see if you’ll need to take a REACTINE® or not,so you can get on the road and forget about allergy symptoms.

In addition to your trusty REACTINE®, check out the rest of our road trip essentials below.


A road trip is nothing without a solid soundtrack, but you don’t want to be fooling around with the volume while you’re driving or playing navigator, so plan ahead by picking something everyone on board will enjoy, like the latest Hustle mix (hint hint!). Heck, pack some portable speakers for when you eventually get out to stretch your legs too.


One of the most important items to pack when you’re headed out on the road, especially on a new route, are drinks and snacks. You never know when you’ll be able to make your next pit stop so you might as well plan ahead and pack a few things for everyone to nibble on. We suggest going the healthy route with raw nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit, so you don’t spoil your appetite for when you finally stumble upon that quintessential roadside burger joint.


We mentioned this earlier, but seriously, there is nothing worse that stepping into the car, driving for an hour and being suddenly bombarded by constant sneezing and a runny nose, only to realize there is absolutely no relief in sight. REACTINE® can start to work in 20 minutes, so if pollen counts are high, be sure to take one before you leave and forget about it for up to 24 hours, because you never know when your symptoms might strike.

Before you leave, take some time to understand what allergy triggers might be affecting you, as well as how to manage them and always remember to pack extra REACTINE® Liquid Gels and the new all natural REACTINE® NaturEase Nasal Spray for your friends in case they find themselves in need of relief! For more information on managing your allergies, click here.
As with any medicine, to be sure it’s right for you, always read and follow the label.


Sunscreen may seem like an item you’d often overlook on a road trip, but did you know you can actually get sun damage even if the windows are rolled up and the air conditioning is blasting? Pack a cool SPF 40 to pass around the car just in case anyone forgot to apply it before.


Maybe you’re headed off on a drive that’s no so picturesque. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got plenty of power to keep your phone juiced up for those long hours of Instagram scrolling or playing with SnapChatting filters. And we’re not just talking about the outlets in your car; be sure to pack a rechargeable one in case you get stuck without an outlet on a long drive.