Stussy iPad & iPhone 4 Cases

I don’t have a case for my iPhone, I rock it solo, and it looks sexy as f*ck! BUT I have dropped it, and had to replace it. It was emotional. So, I’ve decided I will get a case, especially for when I’m traveling. I especially will need one for Coachella. But I want my iPhone case to be slim, unobtrusive, and cool… Obviously. So after I saw these new iPhone 4 and iPad cases from Stussy, I was sold.

The line-up consists of three cases: a black-on-white world tour design for the iPhone and a new design that comes in sizes appropriate for both the iPad and iPhone. The block color base and places a clean sans-serif Stussy logo in the centre, achieving a chic, contemporary aesthetic. I LOVE IT! The black one looks so slick!

Oh and the iPad case comes in black, purple, navy and mint. The iPhone case is available in black and white.