Stumptown Coffee

When we were in New York last month I stumbled upon, a fantastic coffee that I fell in love with, Stumptown Coffee. The taste was so flavourfully deep and authentic. As we ran all over town handling our Sidewalk Hustle business, I continuously found myself in cool joints that just so happened to serve Stumptown Coffee. It seemed serendipitous, so much so that over brunch at the Whitney Museum we even met some of the owners of the Portland based coffee company.  It was obviously a match made in heaven.

Here’s the deal in 1999 founder Duane Sorenson was seeking to produce a quality cup ‘o joe, in so doing this he accidentally started the “Third Wave” in the coffee movement. All of you who started drinking coffee in the 90’s and hanging out at bookstores know what I’m talking about.  The overall culture at Stumptown is different from most coffee purveyors, in that Sorenson is famous for forming lasting relationships with bean farmers, visiting the farms in person and pays high prices for that perfect dose of worthy coffee. Not fair trade, but direct trade.

As I said I fell in love with this coffee and it really did become a mainstay of our whirlwind trip through the Big Apple. Stumptown operates out of Portland, Seattle and NYC, with bean sellers across the world. If you can get it, I recommend you do.