StriVectin Clinical Corrector Collection

StriVectin Clinical Corrector Collection

The cold weather creeps up quickly this time of year, thus our skin care game needs to be on the ball. No need to fret, because StriVectin has released an array of products perfect for keeping that youthful glow all winter long.

The Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging skin care line are all-in-one formulas created with NIA-114 technology to instantly correct and perfect the face. The collection consists of three products; the Clinical Corrector Advanced Anti Aging Face Tint with broad Spectrum SPF 30, the Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Eye Illuminator, and the Clinical Corrector Anti-Aging Lip Tint SPF 20.

Along with the Clinical Corrector products, StriVectin has also released an AR Advanced Retinol Day treatment with SPF 30, clinically proven to help rid of deep-set wrinkles, balance out skin tone and leave your skin glowing and youthful.

StriVectin didn’t stop there, and released another product (our personal favourite) the SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for wrinkles and stretch marks. We love this product because it really, really works. The Concentrate includes a potent combination of NIA 114, and a new Collogex – CE Wrinkle Repair, which penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. This is key, because the only way skin can repair itself is from the inside out. With continued use of this product you will see a fade in stretch marks and wrinkles, and more young-looking quality your skin. This product will also help to strengthen the skin, protecting you from the harsh winter elements.

The new StriVectin products are available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Murale, London Drugs, Rexall, and Hudson’s Bay.

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