Stolen Riches Loves Smythe

Stolen Riches x Smythe

Canadian brand Smythe has partnered with the much loved shoe lace company, Stolen Riches, also based in Toronto, for a neat promotion to complete their spring 2014 purchases. Fusing similar sensibilities on design Smythe and Stolen Riches collaborate to provide with every purchase of their simple black College Blazer with a pair of Portsalon Red laces to accessorize their look.

Smythe designers and co-founders Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe remarked “we love the bright red, gold-tipped brogue laces which work as the perfect compliment to the preppy east coast sensibility of our College Blazer.” While David Barclay of Stolen Riches said that the Lenczner and Smythe “share a similar passion for modern, contemporary innovation and look forward to reaching our customers together.”

The College Blazer is in stores now, so be sure to pick one up to score a snappy pair of laces too!

Stolen Riches x Smythe-3Stolen Riches x Smythe-2