Steam Whistle Unsigned Concert Series #15

For almost two and then some years we have attended almost every Steam Whistle UNSIGNED night at Toronto’s most beloved brewery.

Always featuring the hottest up and coming Canandian bands, next months roster is no exception to those that have rocked before, featuring a triple header of Toronto bands: Songs From a Room, Five Star Trailer Park and Ketch Harbour Wolves.

Starting from the top, Songs From a Room have a very classical rock sound (bordering on metal), filled with some solid guitar riffs and catchy choruses that sometimes feel a bit like an updated Stereophonics, while Five Star Trailer Park has a distinctively Canadian sound that’s a mash up of a less folky Sadies with Tragically Hip tendencies that crash up against Steven Page-like vocals.

Finally, Ketch Harbour Wolves, our favourite of the three, is a bit more mellow brimming with beautiful vocal harmonies, sparkling choruses, and on-trend guitar riffs. They remind us of a Canadian-style National sometimes reminiscent of The Walkmen. We’re really digging their sound most of all, it’s perfect for the fall season leading what should be a busy Toronto concert season!

If you aren’t already a regular at UNSIGNED, you should be sure and attend on Friday September 10th at the round house to catch all three bands for only five dollars at the door. All proceeds go to the wonderful Canadian charity Artists’ Health Centre Foundation.