Stars at Osheaga 2013

Stars Osheaga 2013

Not the sunniest day at Osheaga, but Montreal natives Stars certainly weren’t afraid to give it their absolute all to the crowd (as usual). Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan played their call and answer tunes lovingly with oodles of heartfelt energy, unlike the last few times we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them.

It’s been about a year since they released their seventh full length album The North and you could tell the crowd is already hungry for another one, which is hopefully in the works for next year (nudge).

We ran into Torquil Campbell in the VIP area after the set and congratulated him. He thanked us, gushed about how much he lovs Osheaga, and then said “we do it for you, we do it with you.”

Check out our photos and vines of their set below.

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