In an effort to change the conversation around acne and skin care, Starface has released various iterations of its star-shaped pimple patches, Hydro-Stars, from metallic to glow-in-the-dark.

For the first time, Starface has collaborated with Japanese company Sanrio to unveil limited-edition Hello Kitty Hydro-Stars. Both brands share the belief that the products we use every day and surround ourselves with can bring happiness and positivity to people of all ages. In line with both brand missions, these cute and playful Hello Kitty Hydro-Stars provide a fun twist on translating pimples into opportunities for self-expression.

The Hello Kitty Hydro-Stars come in packs of 32 (8 sheets of 4 patches), with an accompanying Big Hello Kitty pod. The patches are proven to accelerate zit healing by drawing out pus and blocking outside bacteria, all while preventing you from skin picking.

The Hello Kitty Hydro-Stars are available now at and for $20.