Tristan Banning

Creative Director & Founder

Ex-podcaster. Creator. Collaborator. Sneakerhead. Coffee Maniac. Blood & Sand drinker. Recovering vegetarian. Mid-season jacket collector.

Hawley Dunbar

Editor in Chief & Co-Founder

Fashion and music obsessed wanderlust. Vintage clothing appreciator who fancies herself a well-crafted cocktail. Occasional photographer. Ammeter sneaker head.

Byron Hawes

Contributing Editor

Boulevardier. Sprezzaturista. Architecture and avarice. Rakim and Rilke. Founding Editor at The Après Garde. Contributing Editor at Hypebeast.

Christina Ventura

Contributing Editor & Photographer

NYC-based coffee lover & GIF addict. Catch her unboxing beauty products on Snapchat, binge watching YouTube tutorials, & in a photo pit near you.

Kate Killet

Contributing News Editor

Meme. Glitch. Festivalgoer. Photo Taker. 35mm bb. Here for the weird. Capturing moments since she could hold a camera. Blogging since 2007. Fan of music documentaries, baking & podcasts.

Danielle Ray

Staff Writer

Just a girl who likes to play video games while wearing the latest kicks. That is when she’s not traveling the world in the Tardis and drinking various types of beer.

Sarah Rix

Born and raised in Toronto, now living in Melbourne. Always at a concert, usually with a camera in hand. Forever trying to make meaningful eye contact with your dog.

Stephanie Casino


I design/write/edit/curate all day, everyday. Guilty pleasures include YouTube makeup tutorials and all sorts of cheese. I suffer from a very real internet obsession as well as a resting bitch face.

Drew Yorke

Contributing Editor & Photographer

Journalism student by day, music/portrait photographer by night. You've probably seen him at a rap concert.

Josephine Cruz


Writer, DJ, rap nerd, coffee lover & reformed corporate jerk currently living in Toronto. Interests include getting random tattoos, eating ice cream, getting what I want & my Bengal cat Ackee. I also have wayyyy too many pairs of sneakers.

Paris Palcit

Contributing Editor

Dalhousie University graduate. English major. Lover of poetry, pink champagne, fragrant roses in bell jars, anything gilded and smallish nesting birds.

Andrew Millard

Contributor & Photographer

Internets for a living. Moment thief, writer, and DJ. Can be found dancing the shit out of two left feet. Fuelled by caffeine and poutine.

Lauren Squizzato

Staff Writer

The always excited, owner and lead artist of @blendmakeup. Cosmetics, skincare, braids, you name it, I love it. My goal : To one day rule all that is the beauty world. Cue evil laugh.