Tristan Banning

Creative Director & Founder

Writer. Photographer. Creative Director. OG-podcaster. Sneakerhead. Coffee Maniac. Seasoned Traveler. Mid-season jacket collector.

Hawley Dunbar

Editor in Chief & Co-Founder

Fashion and music obsessed wanderlust. Vintage clothing appreciator who fancies herself a well-crafted cocktail. Occasional photographer. Ammeter sneaker head.

Byron Hawes

Contributing Editor

Boulevardier. Sprezzaturista. Architecture and avarice. Rakim and Rilke. Founding Editor at The Après Garde. Contributing Editor at Hypebeast.

Kate Killet

Contributing Editor & Photographer

Meme. Glitch. Festivalgoer. Photo Taker. 35mm bb. Here for the weird. Capturing moments since she could hold a camera. Blogging since 2007. Fan of music documentaries, baking & podcasts.

Stephanie Casino Esguerra


A typical "creative type". Contributing news, wellness, health, beauty and art content. When I'm not writing, I'm either eating or drawing.

Christina Ventura

Contributor & Photographer

NYC-based coffee lover & GIF addict. Catch her unboxing beauty products on Snapchat, binge watching YouTube tutorials, & in a photo pit near you.

Melissa Fejtek

Lifestyle writer and lover of fancy things. Aspiring cat lady.

Kathryn Kyte


Journalist. Writer.

Paris Palcit


Beauty, art, the written word.

Sara Williams

Obsessed with obsessions. Having & holding hands. Things thrifted & tinkered with. She probably heard it on a podcast. & don't worry she'll tell you about it whether you want to know or not.

Ted Kritsonis


Mercenary journalist. Esteemed photographer. Cigar connoisseur. Budding pool shark. Enthusiastic traveller. Lover of all things history and tech. Tea over coffee. Dark over milk chocolate. Organic over processed.

Zach Slootsky

Contributing Writer & Photographer

Restauranteur. Photographer. Reluctant DJ. Pizza enthusiast. Dimmer of lights. Avid crowd reader. True friend to dogs. Vibes guy.