St. Vincent is a busy human on the go making lots of good stuff and simply shredding it all in the best ways.

Earlier this year, the trailer dropped for her directorial debut for a piece called The Birthday Party off a new horror film titled XX. She also has been collaborating with Zach Galifianakis and John Legend to raise funds for 7-inches for Planned Parenthood, which is pretty badass. As if that’s not enough, a few days ago she announced her Fear The Future Tour and just now she’s delivered to us a brand spanking new track that’ll make your heart melt. Watch out “New York I Love You” by LCD Soundsystem, there’s a new New York love song in town to shut her down.

The track is indeed titled “New York,” a song which St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) originally debuted live about a year ago dressed as a purple toilet, whist singing it to Cara Delevingne – her former (?) flame. The lyrics?

New York isn’t New York without you, love…


From the looks of things, this may be the first bite of the upcoming follow-up to Clark’s 2014 self-titled album. She’s said to be working with Jack Antonoff on it, and now we can’t stop dreaming of how much we’d rather a Lorde + St. Vincent collab (no offence, Antonoff).

Listen to St. Vincent’s new song “New York” above.

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