OG New York-based streetwear brand SSUR has decided to make your summer that much more stylish with the re-release of some of their best-selling pieces. The iconic streetwear brand from Ruslan Karablin, has dropped a run ofย tees, hats, jackets and some cut and sew denim, that will allow every fashion-conscious trendsetter to flex hard this summer. To help get their message of cool across SSUR shot a small editorial showing normal fashion forward models rocking normal the pieces. The message here is Elevated Street. You know, more Williamsburg today than Williamsburg 10 years ago. ย Peep the editorial below and shop the collection at SSUR’s online shop.



SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-3

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-4SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-6

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-7

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-8

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-9

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-10

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-11

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-12

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-13

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-14

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-15

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-16

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-17

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-18

SSUR May 2016 Lookbook-19