Spring Thaw, Allergy Season

Spring Thaw Allergy Season

As the winter starts to wind down, and (hopefully) the temperature starts to rise, everyone seems to perk up with a sense of happiness and relief. You can actually feel it, or is that the sun? As a recently discovered allergy sufferer, this time of year comes with mixed feelings. Of course I’m pumped that I won’t need to wear eleven and a half layers of clothing simply to survive, but with that change of ritual comes the inevitable mandatory integration of allergy awareness into my daily routine. What also leaves me uneasy is with that thaw, my unpredictable allergies will start to emerge.

There is nothing more annoying than that soft tickle in the ears, the itchy roof of your mouth and the constant runny eyes to essentially ruin your day. Even though it’s been a couple of years now of allergy suffering, I find these symptoms always creep up on me, it’s almost as if my consciousness won’t allow me to admit what is actually taking place. But of course, once I come to terms with reality and take that REACTINE® pill, my whole life changes. My quality of life improved within 20 minutes and lasted up to 24 hours.

Spring marks the beginning of the happy times, musical festival season and vacations. You can never predict how your body will respond to a new climate. Can you imagine arriving in Southern California for Coachella, ready to spend the weekend basking in the hot desert heat, dancing to Deadmau5, Drake, and more, but not being able to concentrate because you are preoccupied rubbing your tongue back and forth across the roof of your mouth and violently shaking your pinky finger in your ear? Or trying to see the awesome light show or trying to find your friends but being unable to walk anywhere because your eyes are watering so much. Do you really want some cool-kid or hot babe to ask why you’re crying? Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but that’s reality, I’ve been there, that’s the truth.

So all this to say, don’t be proud, and don’t be macho, allergies are real and not a reflection on you as a human being. Instead, take things into your own hands and go about and enjoy your life. Festival season is just around the corner, know your limits, equip yourself with REACTINE® and you will find life is much better.

This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.