Spring Beauty Trend: BROWS that WOW

Spring Eyebrows

Have you ever looked at Lily Collins or Cara Delevingne and just want to peel their eyebrows off and stick them to your face? I know it’s not just me who yearns to have that full, sexy brow. Awesome brows are definitley hard to achieve, as some of the hairs tend not to grow back once they have been plucked. You can massage and stimulate those brows all you want, it aint coming back.

Now that we have faced the facts here are three easy steps to give you that perfect au natural brow.

1. Using a spuli (disposable mascara wand) or an actual eyebrow brush, brush your eyebrow hairs upwards towards your forehead. This is going to make the eyebrow appear thicker than it is.

2. Using an angled eyeliner brush and a brow powder (make sure it is as close as possible to the colour of your brows, if go to dark you will look scary. I promise) in tiny strokes brush the powder through your brows. If you have awesome full eyebrows to begin with you may want to skip directly to step three.

3. Apply a clear eyebrow gel or mascara to your brows sticking with the upwards motions. This will keep them in place all day long.

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