New Music | Spoon ‘Transference’

According to Pitchfork,  awesome Indie rock band Spoon have moved up the release of their new album Transference.  The move isn’t that drastic or really even noticeable but regardless it does mean that the band is eager to get it out to the masses. Originally slated for January 28th, Transference will be released a week earlier on January 19.

With this announcement also came news that the first single from the Transference album, “Written in Reverse” will drop on December 1 digitally and January 5 as a 7″ single. The vinyl will include an exclusive B-side, “Mean Read Spider”, which won’t be available digitally.  However, thanks to the modern state of music accessability “Mean Red Spider” will probably appear on the net a couple of hours after the record goes on sale or more likely will show up as a bonus track.