Spoon: Bonus Songs 2008-2009

Spoon has just release a brand new collection of their demos and alternate versions of songs that they made during 2008-2009. The tracks are available for purchase on the Spoon website for both physical and digital download. It is 10 songs worth of material, which for all intents and purposes is a full album, but since most songs have been released and heard in some capacity before, it is retailing for a very reasonable price, in both formats. Check out the tracklisting below, as well as the original version (I couldn’t find anything off of this album… yet) of “You got Yr. Cherry Bomb.” Enjoy!


1. Was It You Demo
2. Rhythm And Soul Demo
3. Don’t Let It Get You Down Demo
4. Cherry Bomb Country Version Demo
5. My Little Japanese Cigarette Case Oceanside Demo
6. Merchants Of Soul Demo
7. Eddie’s Ragga Writing Exercise
8. My Mathematical Mind Demo
9. You Gotta Feel It Rehearsal
10. In The Right Place The Right Time Demo

Spoon | You Got yr. Cherry Bomb by johnzerenidis