South Park x HUF 4/20 Pack

South Park x HUF 4:20 Pack

Happy 4:20 potheads! To celebrate the international day of weed San Francisco-based skatewear brand HUF has teamed up with the South Park cartoon to create a capsule collection. Centring around South Parks highest character Towlie and Randy, the collection features of course HUF’s signature pot leaf socks, t-shirts, a beach towel (because Towlie), tote back, and a pair of shorts.

Check out a sampling of pieces from the collection below which is available now on HUF and don’t forget to bring a towel when you’re munching on medicinal friend chicken today.

South Park x HUF 4 20 Pack-2

South Park x HUF 4 20 Pack-5

South Park x HUF 4 20 Pack-6

South Park x HUF 4 20 Pack-7

South Park x HUF 4 20 Pack