Sonos Introduces Trueplay Tuning + New Play:5 Smart Speaker


If you’ve been with us a while, you know we’re audiophiles. We love music in all its forms, carrying it everywhere we go. However, it’s nice to kick back at home with some tunes. Whether it’s the new Disclosure album or some classic Bob Dylan, we just want it to sound great, as it was intended. We spent some time with the Sonos team in NYC over the summer and got to experience the all-new flagship PLAY:5 smart speaker as well as their innovative speaker-tuning software called Trueplay. If you already own some Sonos speakers, you can still use Trueplay. Integrating them into your home is now as easy as using your iPhone.

PLAY5 White Entry Way

Sonos revamped their flagship speaker. The new PLAY:5 has a sleeker design available in a matte white and matte black finish. For the first time, it has three orientations so you can arrange them for optimal sound in whatever room you choose. The easy-to-use app works with the music streaming sites you already use (Pandora, Spotify, TIDAL, etc). For those of you interested in the tech details, the PLAY:5 is built with six custom-designed drivers, three midwoofers, and three midtweeters. You’re not going to lose the great quality vocals of your favorite singer when you blast their album.

Ever have that problem where you throw down some serious cash on a speaker, but it doesn’t sound as great as you thought it would? Don’t worry. We’re not all front-of-house engineers. Trueplay actually tunes your speakers, adjusting them to your room so your music sounds just right. It uses the Sonos app and the microphone on your iOS device to analyze the room (Do you have tons of glass surfaces in the room? Are the windows open?). Now, no matter where you place your Sonos speakers, you can make sure the sound is right for the room and the occasion.

Trueplay is a revolutionary system that gives music lovers confidence that they’re hearing what their favorite artists labored to produce, independent of the room’s acoustics and speaker location. Finally there’s a simple, reliable process that delivers studio-quality listening experiences in each room of the home. – CEO John MacFarlane

Initially, you can only use Trueplay on the PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5 but Sonos is expanding it to the rest of the lineup.