Hamilton’s GREY \\ WATER are an indie rock group formed upon the foundation of close friendship and collaboration. Having dropped their debut EP, Love, last July through Toronto-based label Almost Communist, GREY \\ WATER have been pushing themselves to new heights by recording new material at a studio for the first time, all the while maintaining their DIY ethos.

Today, the band share their latest single. “Jimmy” bursts with catchy riffs and carried along by the ethereal vocals of lead singer Charlotte Grace Victoria. Offering her own thoughts on the song, Victoria says: “I feel as though the story of Jimmy and his significant other reflects the same idea. On the surface, there is a couple in the midst of honeymoon love, yet along with that, there is an undertone of the pressure to change and evolve into something new.”

GREY \\ WATER are currently in the process of recording their sophomore EP, due out this fall, at Catherine North Studios in downtown Hamilton. Listen to “Jimmy” below and stay connected with GREY \\ WATER for more details on the forthcoming EP.