Solange x PUMA

Solange x PUMA

Songstress Solange Knowles has always had great style and she’s getting a little more street with every passing day. Case and point – this Puma collaborative collection she worked on recently with the German sportswear brand.

Just as suspected, the collection is wonderfully colourful to much the way her wardrobe generally is, but she can’t take full credit for the collection, since she hooked up with Gerlan Marcel of Gerlan Jeans, artist Hisham Baroocha, and sisters Darlene and Lizzy Opko of William Opko to design it.

So far the full collection images have yet to drop, but you can save the date for February 14th when it’s set to hit stores.

Solange x PUMA-2

Solange x PUMA-3