We all know that Solange Knowles has been teasing her newest work on her social media channels all week, and just by watching 5-second clips of her new videos has us salivating at the thought of the full video releases. Well, here they are. The two videos below are part of Solange’s much awaited A Seat At the Table, a follow-up to her wildly successful True LP in 2012. One thing is for sure; over the last 4 years that Solange has been steadily crafting her newest album, her sense of aesthetic, composition, and definitely a sense of self has remained true and continues to impress us.

Her fashion choices have always been stellar and are incredibly impressive in her latest work. Muted, pastel colour tones set in front of a stunning man-made and natural architectural backgrounds, with creative camera heights and distances set Solange’s videos apart from other soft-crooning R&B artists. Her personal sense of style and aesthetic just oozes from these two videos alone, as they should; Solange creatively directed both videos with the help of her equally creative husband Alan Ferguson. Watch the videos for “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “Cranes In The Sky” below, both are incredibly mesmerizing and beautiful. Congratulations to Solange on her amazing new music, we cannot wait to see what other beauty emerges from A Seat At the Table.