We love music, and we love fashion, but what really makes us lose our collective ish is when the two come together to create something more than their individual selves. It is this intersection of the arts that we find the most exciting and interesting moments are made. This is what happened when Vancouver based clothing and lifestyle brand Sans Parole linked up with rap duo So Loki and photographer Brandon Artis. A remarkable piece of art is born.

Known for their custom, handsewn pieces, Sans Parole pushes the boundaries expressing themselves through design, encouraging people to think and look at things from a different perspective. Meanwhile, So Loki continues to rise to the top of Vancouver’s music and fashion scene by working nonstop and of course being the incredible talent that they are (we’ve featured them a lot, find more here). The two got together to with the intention to encourage artists from all mediums to work together creating unity to help push the artistic industries in Vancouver.  The overall intention is that more projects like this will help get it there faster and encourage others to continue to push. Pretty noble tbh.

So without further ado lets peep the collaboration through the incredible visual storytelling of Brandon Artis. Enjoy.


Pictures courtesy of Brandon Artis