Sleigh Bells Cover Art & Tracklisting!

via The Music Slut

Oh joyous joyful day! In preparation for their highly anticipated debut album, Sleigh Bell’s has released the expected album art, tracklisting and even a free song download. A Free song!?!??! YES! go to the Sleigh Bells homepage and get “Tell ‘Em” the first track off of The song that you can download for free, “Tell ‘Em” is the first track off of the debut album Treats, which is slated for a May 11th 2010 release date, and from what I can tell is going to be off the hook!

To add a touch of awesome to this news, be sure to catch Sleigh Bells opening up for another personal favourite Yeasayer, as they are current on tour together!


1. Tell ‘Em
2. Kids
3. Riot Rhythm
4. Infinity Guitars
5. Run The Heart
6. Rachel
7. Rill Rill
8. Crown On The Ground
9. Straight A’s
10. A/B Machines
11. Treats