It’s been a few months since we switched over to the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected toothbrush and now that we’ve had some time to get to know our way around the device and the Philips Sonicare app, we thought we’d head to the dentist to get a proper progress report.

After our scheduled cleaning we chatted with our dentist, Doctor Kinga Kubieniec (who coincidentally already recommends the Philips Sonicare range to her patients) about our oral health and progress since our last cleaning. “It’s the toothbrush to go to in my opinion, I would never say otherwise.”

After using the toothbrush with the app for a few months, bouncing between the Clean, Deep Clean, and White modes, the first thing we noticed was that our teeth were not only whiter but also felt cleaner for longer each day. Probably a result of the increased brushing time in areas the app identified we had missed on the first go around. Even Dr. Kubieniec noticed that our teeth were whiter and that we “definitely control the plaque better” after using the toothbrush for months.

“If you use Sonicare it will actually allow you to maintain the whiteness. If you’re dedicated and take the time [to brush with white mode] you will get the affect… and you did!”

Dr. Kubieniec says the Sonicare brushes are “safer on your enamel than whitening products and will cause less sensitivity and irritation.” If you’ve already have your teeth whitened, using the Sonicare will compliment this and have your teeth stay whiter for longer.

She also remarked positively on the Deep Clean mode and how it improves your gum health over time. “It’s a bit longer than your standard two minutes and has that little altered vibration which helps with a gum massage.”

We loved how the app made us accountable for regular brushing and also made sure no areas we overlooked, prompting you to go back for touch ups. Dr. Kubieniec agreed that another nice feature is it reminds you not to “press too hard because it will alert you and if you move too much it alerts you and those are good pointers for brushing.”

The only drawback we really found was that it was difficult to remember to take our phone into the bathroom when you brush. Despite not always bringing the phone into the bathroom each time, the brush still records up to six months of data. So next time we connect, we will have up to date brushing data. We also still get alerts on when to change our toothbrush head from the app which is one of the most important parts of proper brushing.

For more information on the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected click here.

*This post was sponsored by Philips but the opinions expressed are our own.