Sidewalk Hustle x Pringles Tortillas Party

Pringles Tortillas Party-3

To celebrate the last long weekend of the summer, we here at Sidewalk Hustle teamed up with everyone’s favourite stackable chip, Pringles, to throw a party. Because when we party, we do it right, we served our own signature cocktail and even made an banger of a party mixtape to listen to while we drank cocktails, danced, and snacked on the new Pringles Tortillas.

One of the funnest parts about snacking on Pringles at a party, is that we discovered everyone has their own way of eating them. Some stack up a handful, while others make a duck faces with them, or in the case of these new Tortillas, they either dip them or eat them on their own!

With Nacho Cheese, Zesty Ranch, and Original Pringles Tortillas at hand, one of our genius friends even tried combining the three flavours, while another said Zesty Ranch tasted like movie theatre nachos with cheese, all in one bite. While Drake’s “Worst Behaviour” played, on the other side of the room we were getting our dip on with chipotle salsa and guacamole.

Enter, the (great) #PringlesDIPbate. Naturally you’d assume most of us would have been dipping, especially since we served some amazing dips out a giant cowboy hat. No really. But surprisingly we saw equal parts of our crowd eating Nacho Cheese and Zesty Ranch solo.

Regardless of where you stand in the #PringlesDIPbate, weather you’re a dipper or a solo chipper, everyone at our jam couldn’t stop eating the new Pringles Tortillas, happily taking home a few cans to continues snaking on. Feeling bummed you weren’t invited to our party? We’re hooking you up with a solid mixtape and a refreshing cocktail recipe. So pop open some Pringles and invite your friends over to take the #PringlesDIPabate too!

Celebrate with us and listen to our Party Mix now.

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