Live Music: Twin Shadow at Drake Underground

Remembrance day was especially unforgettable for us this year seeing Brooklyn’s Twin Shadow perform most of their debut album, aptly titled Forget.

Respectfully sporting a poppy on his mustard-coloured leather coat, the talkative George Lewis Jr. queried the packed Drake Underground on what the day symbolized and what one remembers each year on armistice day. A few listeners called out “war” and “people died” and he rambled on about something to do with American memorial holidays summing up by saying, “I don’t want any angry veterans breaking my legs” and moved on to play “Forget”.

The three piece band really made his live sound pop from the already stellar album production values of Chris Taylor, and just as we thought they’d be, his vocals were fantastic and Peter Gabriel-like. Hard hitting tracks of the set were “Forget” and “Castles In The Snow”, ironically enough the latter had some pretty pumpin’ bass.

George wanted to turn the lights down low almost right away during his set as he said, “we want to feel like you guys tonight”, so we didn’t manage to snag any photos for you. Twin Shadow is currently touring with Glasser and is set to join fellow Brooklyn band Bear in Heaven across the US later this month. Check out the odd little video for “Slow” below and be sure to pick up a copy of Forget!

Twin Shadow ‘Slow’ from Alex Markman on Vimeo.