Shout Out Louds ‘Work’ Album Art and Tracklisting

I was languidly cruising through my local independent music store, when I heard playing a wonderful album. The song was familiar in sound but new to my ears. I awkwardly leaned over the counter, bumping into a paying customer and leered at the CD case on display. I asked the very kind and charming young lady what it was that was playing and she gingerly picked up the jewel case and handed it to me.

It was a copy of the Shout Out Louds third album Work set for release on February 23rd via Merge Records. I lingered a while longer listening to, and absorbing the latest offering from the Swedish indie rock band trying to get a cursory feel for the album, I must say I was impressed with what I had heard.  I expressed my jealously for them having the album in advance, and bid my farewells.

If you haven’t yet, you must watch the video for the first single “Walls” which is a good indication of what the remainder of the album will sound like, and check out the tracklisting below.

01 1999
02 Fall Hard
03 Play the Game
04 Walls
05 Candle Burned Out
06 Throwing Stones
07 Four by Four
08 Moon
09 Show Me Something New
10 Too Late, Too Slow