Shopgirls Gallery Boutique

This week we had the pleasure of meeting with Parkdale’s Shopgirls owner Michelle Germain to tour the shop and check out Second Clothing’s ever-hyped yoga jeans.

Stocking only Canadian designers, many of them local, the shop integrates art rotated monthly throughout the space, including their newly launched home section. They also stock the largest selection of Second Clothing’s yoga jeans which are practically flying off their shelves they’re so comfortable.

We just adored the selection, the space, the oh-so helpful shop gals, and wish we could have taken home every single piece, particularly the accessories, but had to get our hands on a pair of those yoga jeans everyone has been living in lately. After debating over the newest charcoal pair, we opted for the ‘skinny wash’ style which are a black jean, slightly faded in production.

You can pick up a pair of these super comfy jeans online or at the shop on Queen West in Parkdale.