Shepard Fairey to Guest Star on The Simpsons

On March 4, 2012, world famous, and highly influential artist Shepard Fairey will make a cameo on the iconic television series, The Simpsons. The feature will take place on episode 15, season 23 – “Exit Though The Kwik-E-Mart”.  The premises of the episode is as follows, in order to get back at his dad, Bart goes undercover as a graffiti street artist and plasters Homer’s unflattering image all over Springfield. But one night, Bart and Milhouse get caught in the act by established street artists Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Kenny Scharf and Robbie Conal (guest voicing as themselves), and to Bart’s surprise, they invite him to exhibit his satirical artwork in his very own gallery show. Meanwhile, a hip, new health food superstore opens in Springfield that threatens to put Apu and the Kwik-E-Mart out of business.

Fairey had this to say about his upcoming appearance: “Part of being on ‘The Simpsons,’ is you’re being honored as a reference point in culture,” Fairey says. “But you also can’t be too sensitive about that part of culture being made fun of…There’s irony that comes with something outsider becoming insider. And they do a great job of examining that.”

Check out the pics below.