Biggie or Tupac? Is Illmatic really the greatest album of all time? Just how wack was Vanilla Ice?

For those who reminisce about a time in hip-hop when beef didn’t boil down to petty Tweets and over produced, ghostwritten “freestyle” diss tracks, but actually led to life or death situations, then the Rapper Trumps card game was definitely made with you in mind.

Featuring 32 illustrated cards of the most iconic MCs to emerge from the nineties, the pack includes a brief bio of each artist along with categories ranking their Lyrical Ability, Criminality, Blind, and Impact. Wild Card points are thrown in at the bottom, with Tupac’s being his Coachella hologram. Lil’ Kim and Lauryn Hill are the only two ladies repping the female impact on 90s rap, completely overlooking legends MC Lyte, Da Brat, and Queen Latifah–but the whole deck is about beef, after all. With the inclusion of a Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer card, every deck’s got to have two Jokers in it, right?

The Rapper Trumps Nineties Pack is available on the Rapper Trumps website for ‎£9.99.