Founded in 2006, live arts entertainment brand Secret Walls has announced they will be taking their unique show to Toronto. Secret Walls features several artists who take to the stage to show off their talent and compete to win. A lot like in 8 Mile where all the freestyle artists battle each other for street cred. Coined by Wall Street Journal as “A Fight Club for Street Artists,” the concept of a Secret Walls battle is specific and distinctive. The artists are divided randomly into teams and given markers, paint brushes, spray paint and paint rollers. Nothing is revealed to the artists prior to the start of the competition. The artists have 90 minutes to create their pieces. Once complete a team of judges AND a decibel meter measuring the audience’s cheers determine the winner of each battle.

This year the theme for the Secret Walls tour is Support Your Local Artist (SYLA), with each stop shining a spotlight on local talent. For the Toronto stop local artists Matt Darling, MEDĒIO, Cat Dirty, and Ness Lee will compete. The event also features special guest DJs and limited-edition merchandise only available for purchase at SYLA Tour Toronto.



Interested in attending SYLA Tour Toronto? It takes place Sunday, September 25, 2022 at 6:30 PM, at Adelaide Hall in Toront. Hit up for more information and grab tickets at