Scion Sessions Presents ‘Mixtape: An Unauthorized Biography’ Episode 3

In the early 1990’s mixtapes were THE thing, you made them for your friends, your crushes, roadtrips, everything. But what was really special was when a DJ, or an artist released their mixtape. It was hard to get your hands on, you would either have to go to their show, or hit up a sketchy music shop that might have the latest smuggled in limited amounts. It was an iconic and entrenched form of music dissemination in the underground music scene. It was how you heard new music that was never going to be played on the radio. 

From Hip Hop, to Electronic Dance Music (no, not the popular form of EDM that gets played on the radio and that your kid sister loves), but at the turn of the millennium piracy and music sharing basically blew up the record business forever. Mixtapes disappeared and were replaced with all of the music, all of the time. In keeping with the age of music sharing and the new frontier Scion Sessions presents Mixtape: An Unauthorized Biography episode three, directed by David F. Mewa. Press play above and delve into world of mixtapes.