Say Lou Lou Shares “Nothing But A Heartbeat” Video

Say Lou Lou

Swedish Australian sibling pop duo Say Lou Lou have released a new video for “Nothing But A Heartbeat” today off their debut album Lucid Dreaming. The eight-minute long clip was directed by Joanna Nordahl and captures the sisters together inside the same nightmare which is also a dream. The clip loops events and figments which include jumping off a snowy roof in Paris, waking up in the jungle, and other lucid dreams.

Joanna Nordahl had the following to say about the clip in the press release:

“I sought inspiration in documentaries on lucid dreamers, listened to Hans Zimmer for days, read excerpts from On Being Ill by Virginia Woolf and kept a dream diary of my own while writing the narrative. I wanted the story to draw parallels to big religious ideas while exploring some personal thoughts on mental sanity. I’m a huge fan of Von Trier’s film Melancholia… So, in retrospect, I believe that probably served as an influence as well.”

Watch below now.