SappyFest 10 Preview + Playlist

SappyFest 2015

While half our team is off to Osheaga this weekend the other half is excited to be heading out to the town of Sackville, New Brunswick to celebrate the 10th year of SappyFest.

This scrappy little festival that could has been a summer staple for some of us for many of these past ten years. We’ve grooved to Charles Bradley, been privy to a surprise Arcade Fire set and, moshed to The Constantines.

2015’s lineup couldn’t be more indicative of what’s currently happening in the Canadian Music Scene. Each day of the festival has a distinctive (and possibly intentional) theme. Some of the bands to watch for during the fest include DIANA, PUP, Mozart’s Sister and The Lonely Parade.

In order to get you as pumped as we are for the fest we made a playlist of some of the bands playing Sappy 2015.